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Our meetings are held at the Prospect History Cottage, 10.30am, second Sunday of the month, (except May, first Sunday) followed by morning tea and a Guest Speaker.

Monthly meetings have recommenced as Prospect Reservoir has now re-opened to the public.   

Visitors are always welcome

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General Meetings and speakers for 2018




Sunday, 11 March, 2018

John Brock

Hadrian’s wall: boundary monument for the north western frontier of roman britannia.

John, who is one of our members, has been working as a surveyor since 1973 and has presented papers all over world including Egypt, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Canada, Brunei, New Zealand, Greece, UK, USA, Israel, Sweden, Morocco, PNG, Italy, Nigeria, Malaysia & Bulgaria.

John says this about his talk: Was Hadrian’s Wall built for defence, border control, and a demonstration of power or any number of associated intentions as a strategic military device at the extremity of the territorial outskirts of the Great Empire?  Many postulations have been advanced by engineers, stone masons, clerks of works, military experts, academics, archaeologists, historians, paleontologists and all the usual suspects.

Well it just so happens that I am not just a practicing “historical detective” (as I label those in my profession!) but I am an active field historian with a Masters in Egyptology from Macquarie University in Sydney.  In addition to this area of personal and professional interest I have done considerable research on ancient Greek and Roman surveying together with a diversion into China’s surveyors of antiquity as a background to my paper “The Great Wall of China: The World’s Greatest Boundary Monument!”

With such an introduction to my own research base I will make my own offering to the discussion table about what served as the main reasons for the erection of such a notable memorial to the time of the renowned civilization during the second century.  After elaborating further about my analysis of the wall’s design with specific attention drawn to certain features not before grouped together along with a focus on the desires and intentions of Emperor Hadrian himself there may be some agreement that this iconic line across the topography is a true boundary monument in the ancient

Roman traditions as a demarcation line of the northern limit of the Empire’s frontier in the north western territory of its second century vast land occupations.

Join us on our next tour

The next trip: Sunday, 18 March, 2018

Hawkesbury Highlights

This tour will start with Devonshire Tea at the historic Ebenezer Church, followed by a talk on the history of the site and a tour of the Church, School House and cemetery. Other highlights of the Hawkesbury will be visited in the afternoon. Click here for more details

17th June: Historic Harbour Houses

This tour will be guided by Kerima-Gae Topp from Topp Tours. Kerima-Gae will be showing us some of the jewels dotted around Sydney Harbour.

29th July: A Tour of the Kurrajong Area

On this trip we will visit the Kurrajong Memorial Park to view the millstones from James Singleton’s mill on Little Wheeney Creek and then learn more about the history of the Kurrajong area.

16 September The Macarthur Region

The morning will be spent at Belgenny Farm, where we will see the oldest set of intact farm buildings in Australia. After lunch we will visit The Australian Botanic Garden at Mt Annan, where we will see a unique connection to Prospect Reservoir.

Full details of each trip will be sent out closer to the date


To conduct some of this year’s excursions we will be applying for the use of Blacktown City Council’s community buses, which are either 14 or 21 seaters, so our plans are firstly subject to bus availability, and secondly to the size of bus we are allocated.

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